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beenextTM is a Medicinal Chemistry company. We provide comprehensive R&D services in early Drug Discovery, including hit identification and validation, hit to lead and lead optimization. We have access to state of the art computational technology as well as to in-house in vitro / in vivo assays facilities. beenextTM is also available to customized synthesis and biochemical in vitro/in vivo assays. 

About us

beenextTM is a Spin Off at the University of Turin (UNITO) derived from the Department of Science and Drug Technology of UNITO. beenextTM is based at the 2i3T, the Business Incubator and Technology Transfer Process at UNITO. 

In order to accelerate the early stage access of drug candidates, beenextTM developed a proprietary patented technology for parallel synthesis that was called arachnoTM. By allowing the contemporary conduction of up to six experiments throught a friendly low cost technology, arachnoTM is able to accelerate the synthetic process. See here for details on how the arachnoTM technology works or if you just want one of them.


Contacts us!

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FAX           +39 011 6707987  

Via G. Quarello, 15/a Torino (IT)
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